The Other Project

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The public is invited to join all The Other Project workshops, performances, forums and readings.

All events are free and open to the public.


Tea with project organizer
With Evelyn Serrano

Workshop with Elana Mann and Theresa Masangkay
How do you organize a large scale interdisciplinary art project at CalArts and get national attention at the same time?
Two of the organizers responsible for the very successful “Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions: CalArts 2007 Feminist and Symposium” will walk you through the process of putting an event of such magnitude together: from finding funds to managing the dynamics of a collaborative enterprise, to curating an exhibition, coordinating efforts and moderating a high caliber symposium.

Locating The Other: Context and the ethics and politics of identity in LA’s contemporary arts discourse
With Diana Arellano, Bulbo Collective, Ed Gomez, Rita Gonzalez, Loren Hartman, Juanita Meneses, Houman Pourmedhi, Cindy Santos Bravo and Haruko Tanaka.

Performance by Elana Mann
Embroid, Embroil
During this original performance, the artist will embroider mass circulated images of "the other" into her skin. The performance is inspired by The New World Tapestry (1980-2000) the largest embroidery in the world, which depicts English colonization attempts in Newfoundland, North America, the Guyanas and Bermuda between 1583 and 1642.

In conversation with Martin Plot
The Other as Enemy: The Neo-Schmittean Inspiration Behind the Neoconservative Foreign Policy
9/11 created the conditions needed to speed up the implementation of the neoconservative vision on foreign policy and alQaeda’s claim of political and intellectual leadership in the Muslin world. This presentation will suggest that the changes taking place in Latin America during the past years are the third major political shift that has characterized the inauguration of the new century.

In conversation with Gustavo Arellano
¡Ask a Mexican!
LA Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano will talk (and answer questions!) about his experience with the nationally syndicated column in which he answers questions sent to him by the public about America's largest minority. The award-winning column has a weekly circulation of 1.8 million in 28 newspapers across the United States.

In conversation with Pirayeh Pourafar and Houman Pourmedhi
These two master musicians, composers, teachers and recording artists will engage the public in a conversation about their lives as artists in their homeland of Iran and their experiences after they decided to leave their country.


Tea with project organizer
With Evelyn Serrano

Reading with Tijuana's Colectivo La Linea
Entre lo real y lo imaginario / Between the real and the imaginary
Three published authors from Tijuana, Mexico share their works of poetry and prose “en EspaƱol”. All the readings will take place in Spanish.

Workshop with Linda Hoag
How to Jumpstart Empathy
In this workshop you will learn different methods and strategies from Buddhism, meditation, Constructive Living and Nonviolent Communication, guided by the adept hand of experienced therapist Linda Hoag.

In conversation with Ingrid Hernandez
Inhabiting the Gaze
Tijuana-based visual artist Ingrid Hernandez talks about her work with neighbors in several “asentamientos irregulares” (irregular settlements) throughout her city.

Workshop with Haruko Tanaka
The Other Lullaby
As it is said, to sing in another language is to possess another’s soul. Join Haruko Tanaka and friends for some tea and singing. Learn songs in Arabic and Navajo (among others). No experience needed.

Performance with The Attempters (Saul Alvarez, James Melinat and Kara Tanaka)
In 2006 the Attempters came together formally for the first time to initiate the Project for the Birth of an Emergent Aesthetic, an intense seven-day, 24-hour continuous think tank. They are currently undertaking their most daring assignment after being charged with the delivery of a mysterious payload of uncertain origins. Success or failure, they have passed the point of no return.

Performance with Damian Berdakin, Drew Jorgensen, Nick Kello and Chris Payne
Concert by Runa
Performing iconic songs from Argentina and Brazil, and original compositions by Nick Kello, this inspired quartet of musicians is sure to delight you in more ways than one.

Tea with project organizer
With Evelyn Serrano

Forum with Glenna Avila, Bob Bates (Inner-City Arts), Berta and Stan Sosa (Art in the Park), Shelley Stepp (CAP Digital media Program), Zane Thimmesh-Gill (CAP/My Friend's Place Writing Program)) among others
Making It Happen: Artists Partnering with Community
This forum, led by CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Director Glenna Avila and representatives from four CAP partner sites, will focus on strategies employed by CAP’s teaching artists to successfully engage youth and their communities.

In conversation with Jan Smail
Re-Searching Santa Clarita: The colonial genealogy of real-estate
Come enjoy some tea and join this visual and performance artist in a conversation about her most recent project, as she investigates two local communities in Santa Clarita.

Performance with Goh Kurosawa
This versatile guitarist will perform some of his original compositions inspired by the soundscapes and reflections of Asia and by folk rock, jazz, classical, flamenco and Balkan rhythms.

Town Hall Meeting
This forum will bring together members from the Santa Clarita Arts Advisory Board, City officials, CalArts representatives, and the general public to converse about furthering the connections between the Institute and its immediate communities.

Forum with Chris Diaz, Vivian Babuts, Damian Berdakin, Shadi Harouni, Drew Jorgensen, Douglas Kearney, Tom Leeser, Chris Payne, Niki Rousso-Schindler, Alina Skrzeszewska, Ingrid Von Sydow among others
The Other in contemporary art discourse: Owning, Speaking and Being “The Other”

Readings with Matthew Barraza, Carribean Fragoza and Nadine Rambeau
Zombies, Lunatics and Soil-Eaters: Reading and Writing L.A.
These writers loudly re-draw the contours of a city that only words can map.
(To be confirmed: Luis Rodriguez)


Tea with project organizer
With Evelyn Serrano

Forum with Karen Atkinson, Andrea Bowers, Micha Cardenas, Ricardo Dominguez, Erik Ehn, Sam Durant,Theresa Masangkay, Jan Smail, among others
Engaging The Other: Art, activism, social responsibility, and community engagement

Performance with Douglas Kearney
Last Call
Come experience the work of this outstanding poet, performer and teacher as he performs his texts and closes this eventful week.

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